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Enjoy Optimal Visual Clarity & Comfort with Scleral Lenses: 8 Advantages

For those looking to upgrade their eyewear experience, scleral contact lenses provide a revolutionary design like no other. Rigid gas permeable lenses with an extra wide diameter are designed to vault over the entire cornea, leaving a gap between the lens and the corneal surface before coming to rest on the whites of your eye (your sclera). Thanks to this innovative design, users can benefit from unparalleled wearing comfort and sharp vision along with additional protection from environmental hazards such as dust particles.

At Market Mall Eye Clinic, we specialize in fitting scleral lenses – a revolutionary type of contact lens that can provide excellent and effective vision correction for several difficult to fit eye conditions, such as keratoconus and irregular corneas. Scleral lenses are also ideal for those with astigmatism, when other types of contacts just don’t seem to work. Unlike traditional rigid gas permeable lenses, these lenses rest on the white part of your eye (the sclera) and create a sealed vault that evenly distributes moisture and allows oxygen to reach your cornea.
Here’s a review of different features scleral contact lenses have to offer:

Improved Sight through Keratoconus Therapy

The impact of keratoconus on sufferers’ vision and comfort – advanced relief from scleral contact lenses. People living with keratoconus can suffer from severe vision loss as well as uncomfortable symptoms caused by the corneal condition.

Assured Outlook for Lasting Security

Experience uninterrupted clarity of sight with scleral contact lenses – especially designed for irregular corneas and an action-packed day. Their oversized design keeps them centered on your eye and prevents accidental ejection when engaging in physical activity.

High-Quality Vision Correction Lenses

If you’re looking for long-term contact lens options with unbeatable performance and reliability, you can’t go wrong with scleral lenses. Constructed from top-quality materials and designed to last, they may be more expensive than regular contacts at first but will be sure to deliver the greatest value for your money over the long run.

Hassle-Free, User-Friendly and Reliable

Bigger size and harder material make inserting and removing scleral lenses easier for those with limited visual acuity or motor skills, helping to avoid corneal damage.

Discover Optimal Comfort with Eyewear Designed to Relieve Dry Eye Discomfort

Unlock superior comfort and eye health with scleral lenses – enjoy a moisturized teardrop cushion while reducing risk of corneal damage from rubbing!

Expansive Scenic Outlook of Wide-Ranging Sightline

Get the clear, wider view you want with scleral contact lenses: increased peripheral vision, reduced glare and light sensitivity, plus unmatched comfort and durability.

Innovative Solutions for Astigmatism Sufferers with Scleral Lenses

Our experts offer sclerals for treating keratoconus and recommend state-of-the-art scleral lenses to correct astigmatism, particularly for individuals with more severe astigmatism that cannot be effectively addressed through standard contact lenses.

Achieve Maximum Budget Savings with Cost-Effective Products and Services

Maximize your vision with custom-fit sclerals: eye care professionals are required to have additional training and patients must undergo several visits to achieve optimal fit; although costlier upfront, you’ll reap the rewards of prolonged wear time and unparalleled benefits – making your investment a wise one over the long term.